Monday, March 05, 2007

WWF World Heritage Expeditions

An opportunity to travel, take photographs, and save the world.

I have a copy of the e-brochure. Drop me a line if you're interested. :-)

WWF World Heritage Expeditions

2007 Summer Season – The Sulu Sea

To keep Tubbataha Reef alive and well managed, we have to raise the funds needed to operate its management office and ranger station.

For several years now, scuba divers have paid the user fees that helped pay for Tubbataha’s expenses. But, this has never been enough.

The World Heritage Expeditions were designed by WWF, with expert advice from ecotourism outfitter, Anton Carag, to create an exciting package that will open up the Cagayancillo micro-archipelago and Tubbataha Reef to non-divers for the first time ever. The goal is to show commercial tour operators that a non-diver package can be a terrific product. The hope is that, with the support of such tour groups, Tubbataha Reef will raise sufficient funds each year to pay for itself. When nature pays, nature stays.

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