Thursday, March 08, 2007

Symphony of the snores.

It is late. And I am sleepy as hell.

We're working on last-minute pitch materials for tomorrow's presentation and I've decided to bring stuff home because it's insane to stay in the office with the renovation going on.

One of our suits sent me a message saying that the manifesto video is ready for review. It's a 10MB file and I'm on crapshoot dialup. Because I can't open more than one browser window (well, maybe except for this one), there's nothing else to do but wait for it to finish.

And that's when I heard it. A soft snoring from underneath the sofa, and another one, slowly building up to a crescendo beside my feet. And as if on cue, the sofa snorer creates his own rumbling rhythm in an attempt to match the slightly higher snorts of the foot warmer.

There's something quite amusing about hearing two warm bodies deep in their sleep, oblvious to the lazy tap-tapping I'm making on my keyboard. It's entertainment I can afford to have at one in the morning. I'm just thankful they're not sleeping in my room tonight.

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