Sunday, March 04, 2007

Excerpts from a gift.

He’s a wonderfully thoughtful man, although I don’t think he even realises it. Just a few weeks ago, he surprised me with a small project he’s been working on. It was a ‘tribute’ to my many ‘faces’ – expressions he said, that range from goofy, the lost-in-thought-kind, or ones that have a bit too much to drink.

Just yesterday, whilst rummaging through old CDs to organise and label, I came across another gift he gave early last year. We’ve just come from a very trying time in our lives, and we were doing our best to get things back on track. This one was a pledge from him – the things he saw in us that hinted at a good life together, and how we should never take each other for granted.

I’ve made him terribly cheesy, you see. And he’s done the same to me.

I believe that the best gift people could give each other is having a good sense of who they are as individuals, and enriching each others’ lives with what they bring into the relationship.

So whether I am manyak misis, his muse, or him as my co-conspirator, or fellow geek today, all I know is that we’re growing and evolving as different wholes (not halves) and are happily sharing all the possibilities that go with spending life together.


P said...

As agreed today, mush is good. :-)

orange.pixie said...

Haha! *blush*

vj said...

Wow...dapat ata binigay namin sa inyo DVD ng THE NOTEBOOK, di sex toys!


orange.pixie said...

haha! sira. minsan lang akong maging ganito kaya pag-bigyan mo na. and don't you go passing off what you guys like watching on your spare time. hehe.