Thursday, April 10, 2008

Once you go black (sheep), you can't go back.

I am thrilled.

In a few days I am off to start a new job at an agency that I never thought I'd be working in. And it's not because I didn't want to.

The agency had a tough reputation for strategic planning. It leaves you intimidated and unnerved. And I was feeling unnerved and intimidated. Even the office gives off a similar vibe. The receiving area has a few white tables and chairs scattered about, and a lush, red "tunnel" leads you to the work area. No lobby or receptionist here. Unless you've got your contact's number, you will feel lost and a wee bit unwelcome (then again, maybe that's the intent).

It's another leap I'm taking that I'll gladly take the plunge for. My comfort zone needs mucking up, and this one guarantees just that.