Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's their loss, and every book lover's gain.

I've been hearing rumours about the possibility of Fully Booked moving out of Power Plant because they're being pressured to pay extra for maximising the use of their current rental at the third floor of the mall (is that the reason why there's a National Bookstore there now?). They currently occupy the third level where this food/entertainment area used to be, and they built a few levels inside to make the best use of space. I was told that the mall people were getting greedy and wanted to charge for the extra space as well.

Fully Booked is the only book store worth visiting in the Philippines (don't even compare it to Powerbooks, please), and I believe its presence in Rockwell ups the value of the place several times over (I'm sure "Manila's fashionable" reads too).

When I first found out about the possibility of them moving out of Makati (I work there, and will soon reside there as well), I was horrified. As in, OA to death horrified. The closest Fully Booked would be, where, Mall of Asia? Eh ang liit nun compared to Rockwell.

I'm just glad we found this one weekend hanging out at Boni High Street.

"Five stories, one destination."

Such bliss! Wish list: lounge areas.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Power Plant would seriously ever ever even dream of letting Fully Booked go...and replace it with a National (and the space of Natinal there looks small pa)? I really don't think so...

What I heard is that Power Plant was pissed because FB is building its super-flagship in Boni highstreet and that is why they let National in...

But FB leaving Power Plant? That mall would be a fool if they let that happen. So my bet is that we will have 2 FB's to choose from in Makati :) It's great to be a consumer!

orange.pixie said...

I certainly hope so. :-) And it's good to be a consumer who also has a blog to write about being one. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

FIVE?!! I lurve FB Powerplant to bits as well, but a five-floor FB at The Fort will be my superultra hangout even IF I can't afford most of what they sell. Woohoo!

-Jason D.

orange.pixie said...

And the geeks are coming out of the woodwork. Hahaha!

While you're at it, you might want to consider just buying a flat in Boni so you can just bum in the un-poor section of Manila any time you want.