Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Insane, the boy is insane.

Inspired by an actual conversation that actually happened. But edited in my head.

Me: Why are you so angry, AJ?

Aj: Huh? Me, angry? Who said I was angry?

Me: Those mad brush strokes, it's a sign of aggression. Such angry paintings.

Aj: I like it, it's cool. And it's not angry...

Me: Baka tigang ka lang...

Aj: 'Tado. Bibili ka ba o hindi...




untitled, 6x3ft

Aj Dimarucot is a 31-year old graphic artist based in Manila, Philippines. He belongs to a growing group of contemporary artists that have blurred the boundaries between art and design. Aj has been part of group exhibits in Manila, Canada, and has held his first solo show in 2006. His works have been been published in books in the U.K. and Australia. They've been featured in several local magazines and international websites as well.

Aj's works can be found on furniture, shirts, pins, cellphones, and street walls. Naturally, he has now delved into the world of painting and shows a lot of promise. His initial works have focused on an intense and spontaneous approach reminiscent of action and gestural painting—where the resulting work emphasizes the physical act of painting itself. This is apparent in the lush texture of randomly chosen words, painted layer upon layer of each other. They are written in a calligraphic manner using industrial paints, spray paints, and pen markers, similar to how street artists leave their 'tags' or marks on walls and buildings.

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Socky said...

Where are his works (the ones featured in your blog) exhibited? Went to the website but didn't see these paintings there. Do you have an idea how much he's selling his Untitled 6x3ft?

orange.pixie said...

Hi Socky, I can't remember if he had this series shown somewhere. He's selling the Untitled 6x3ft for 18k. The gallery price for this is around 25K and above. Let me know if you're interested, I can hook you up with AJ. :-)