Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A lesson on exorcising demons.

There's always that lingering thing at the back of your head; the voices that never stay quiet even if you shush it to death.

It was something I should have rid myself of three years ago. But the 'what ifs' nagged me, and it did so a long time.

Tonight, I found myself confronting it, inadvertently at first. As the evening wore on, I knew that I had no reason to feel reluctant for moving on, for having chosen where I wanted to be, and where this experience belongs in my life.

Mulling over things mulled before. Home, one-something in the morning.


Bernard said...

I hate what if's too.

btw, love that pic of the salad :D

orange.pixie said...

thanks, bernard.

i hope you have less of the what ifs in your life.