Monday, May 07, 2007

Butas! Ang aking paboritong air-cool pants.

It had to take our pantry lady to tell me that my butt has been peeking out from a hole in my pants.

"Miss Ei, may butas yung pantalon niyo," she said while bending over to take a better look.

"Ha?" I said, immediately reaching behind to feel up the object in question she was talking about.

Yari. It was a thumb-sized hole that has turned me into a pseudo-exhibitionist the entire day. The hole was big enough to flash part of my undies and butt cheek to unsuspecting pedestrians.

It was impossible not to notice, yet no one bothered to tell me. Salamat ha. Nabosohan na siguro ako nung buong building. Grrrr.

But more than having an embarrassing situation to deal with, this little incident made me realise that I really need to replace some of my clothes that have been hanging around my closet for years. The last article of clothing I got was a dress from Topshop. And that was months ago. Time to join the frenzied world of female shopping.

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