Sunday, May 13, 2007

I live for travel.

There's always something melancholic about watching the sun set from your window seat.

I made a promise to myself to take at least one foreign trip and three local ones every year. Travel for me is cathartic; it is the only time I am able to write freely, reflect on what I've done in the past twenty-nine years or so, and get excited like silly over what the future holds.

Work has consumed most of my time lately, delaying a much-needed move to my flat and adding to my inability to hit the pavement consistently among other things (the heat has just been terrible, and yes, it is a good excuse, and no, I'd rather not be like a hamster on a treadmill at the gym).

I have a break (finally!) coming up in a couple of days and I am looking forward to another cultural immersion. I never quite enjoy the touristy things; I am more thrilled discovering the locals' "secrets" and exploring the path that's usually never on the prescribed map. I am lucky to have friends from all over; friends who are more than willing to show me around and point me to where I can have my fill of art, culture, food, and bargains.

If I play my cards right, my first "creative" travel project will debut in Q4. :-)


christine said...

I live for travel too! Wherever it is you're off to, hope you have a wonderful time. God speed! :)

orange.pixie said...

Thanks, Nena. :-)

Travel is my food for the soul.