Saturday, May 26, 2007

Favourite travel buddy.

Because even ordinary things like riding a bus feels like an adventure. Because we feast on Chili crabs like it were our last day on Earth. Because we see more of the city when we explore it on foot (despite my frequent directional dyslexia). Because we don't mind reading quietly in a coffee shop corner. Because we share the same level of excitement whether we go to Kinokuniya or Ikea. Because it always feels natural to be together no matter which part of the world we find ourselves in.

Our nth attempt to get the bus thing down pat.


P said...

i'm loving the hair, pixie girl. And why did dimples never update na?

orange.pixie said...

hey poch, thanks! we miss having organised foodie trips now. hope you're doing well. :-)

busy, busy boy yung isa. you should ask him about new "developments." hehehe.