Thursday, May 17, 2007


Yesterday was the first time I led a pitch presentation. And for a must-win account at that. I felt sick to my stomach en route to the client's office, and the butterflies reached their crescendo as the elevator doors opened to the 23F of 6750. I've been in more than my fair share of pitches, and it's never an easy thing. But I do get a euphoria working on new biz because it's a different challenge all the time.

We spent a good deal of Tuesday afternoon to streamline the thinking, so we could present the argument that the client will find difficult to refuse. It helps to know what kind of audience you're presenting to, and I am fortunate to be working with my boss who has had extensive industry experience.

That evening (until the wee hours of the morning) found me, our account director, and our creatives turning the Planning area into one giant tambayan with food, yosi (uh-oh), and all kinds of beverages strewn about. It reminded me of the times I procrastinated on philo papers way back in college.

It was a tough two weeks leading to the presentation because there were other things happening all at the same time. I was also in the middle of reworking a regional brand strategy for six markets, which admittedly, had me on my toes for the last three weeks. There were also other planning requirements for a new food account we just got. Talk about one stressful month!

Today, we were told that we just won the account. (Yahoo!!!!)

Sulit lahat ng pagod at puyat.

Thanks Papa Rands, TinaCos, Sarsikoh, Anne "conflict" Ganda, Baby G, Jason "what's your MOOd" Drilon, AJ d' interactive guru, roxstar Isa, Pocoy (d' cow), and all the laughing boys and gels of RedWorks. :-)


Jason said...

Good news indeed. Yeah, you can say I'm in a good MOOd. Hahaha!

geeky planner said...

You guys were due for a win. And winning begets more wins. Congratulations!

orange.pixie said...

That was some inspired, punny sh*t, Mr. Drilon. Hehehe.

Thanks, geeky planner. Next time I bump into you for a pitch, I'll have your, um, head. Haha.