Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It was a lovely wedding. Best wishes to Arvin and Erika.

They finally tied the knot. It's nice to see a couple this happy with each other.

Thanks for keeping the booze flowing. I love the thoughtful pasta bundling. Yummy cupcakes from Sonja. Fantastic wedding planning by The 3rd Party.


*Grin* (Arvin looks like he just won a pitch.)

I don't think the confetti is environment-friendly.

You either come in pastel...

or grays. We can do a spread with these clothes.

L to R-ing outside the church.

And L to R-ing outside the pavilion.

Isn't it a little too early to be practicing with the bouquet?

Et tu, Crisela?

I don't know about this one...

The women of Ogilvy.

Pogi talaga ng boys namin.

And a bit of lesbo action going.

Isa pa.

Other photo credits go to Mae and Cindy. Thanks, guys.

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