Thursday, November 02, 2006

Blog-obsessed, no thanks to Google Analytics.

It's been three days since I started checking how my blog is doing as far as visits and hits are concerned. I get thrilled seeing how I'm getting visitors from the Spain (ola!), Japan (konichiwa!), and Singapore (hello, lah!). Why they're visiting my blog, I don't really know. But it's nice that they do anyway.

Google Analytics is currently used by our Interactive team to monitor statistics on websites we run. I remember when you have to course everything through a website administrator just to get some statistics on a website. Now, everything is simplified and convenient through a free analytics tool like the one from Google.

Below is a screenshot of the Geo Map Overlay that tells me graphically where my visitors are from.

You're on my top 10: Philippines, U.S., Canada, Singapore, Romania, France, Netherlands, HongKong, Switzerland, and Malaysia

As much as I try not to get so involved with keeping my statistics up, afterall, I don't blog for that purpose, it's a good way of knowing that there are people who do take the time to read up what you've put up, and hope that they're actually getting something out of it.

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