Monday, November 27, 2006

Death on a street.

A man just died right outside our building. Apparently, he had a heart attack while ferrying a passenger in his cab. It took more than thirty minutes for someone to offer medical assistance. From our office window, we could see a small crowd gathered around his unconscious body, a man desperately administering CPR on him. I sure hope they were doing it because they wanted to save his life and not done for show.

I watched with my forehead pressed against the glass. I had to walk away, because I felt an emotional outburst coming.

"Ang drama talaga ng streeet natin" an officemate quipped. The site of many rallys and demonstrations, it now has a sad fatality to add to its growing list of credentials.

Helpless from above.


Carlos said...

Such tragedy.

Jen said...

It's true pala. I heard it from my officemate. How sad naman.