Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Catching up.

Just my luck. In the two months that I haven't been blogging, a lot of things have happened. And now I have to find the time to write about all of them.

I miss blogging. *sigh*


Gerry Cacanindin said...

Welcome back. Nice you still remember me and Gabby, as Raul mentioned last week. Been "blogstalking" you for quite sometime now, hope you don't mind, hehehe : )

orange.pixie said...

Haha! Salamat! Of course I remember you guys. Ang aga niyo nga umalis eh. Tsk.

It's nice to know na may blog ka rin. Feeling voyeur tuloy ako reading through it. Ang tahimik mo kasi sa office dati eh. :-p

Hope to catch you guys soon.