Sunday, October 28, 2007

Random top tens.

It's something I just like having in my head, and it tends to change along with my mood, and sometimes with what I'm eating, reading, or listening to. But the theme remains the same.

A top 10 list for today.
  1. Slow mornings with pressed coffee
  2. Exploring Kinokuniya whilst plugged to my iPod
  3. Discovering new sites or blogs on design
  4. Hubby smells. Post-shower. Early morning. Prepping for a night out.
  5. Anti-amats food at 4am.
  6. Walking on the beach whilst the sun is rising
  7. Eating roadside in Thailand and Vietnam
  8. Polaroids and Lomo.
  9. Great advertising.
  10. Getting hold of a new video game to get addicted to.

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