Monday, April 16, 2007

Love Moon - Anion Sanitary Napkin

"Ingrish" at its best. Anion sanitary napkins.

Mystery Manny, one of our CRM analysts dropped by the Planning area eager to share his "discovery," a pack of napkins that his wife was able to acquire during her trips. I found the packaging interesting because it was matte, instead of the usual plastic wraps that most feminine care products use. One side of the pack had a short explanation of "benefits." I have copied it verbatim here.
According to the testing result by China chemical woven product quality center for textile industry, the average anion concentration in “Monthly Loving” Anion Sanitary Napkin and panty liner has reached to 5800 per cm3, 2 obvious function can be seen:
  1. Inside the cunt, anion can promote the exchange of biological enzyme; enhance material with acid to uplift self-curing and immunity for human body.
  2. In sanitary napkin, the anion chip can instantly absorb blood or leucorrhea, refresh and comfortable, odor can be controlled.

And that's not all. It comes with a free gift called the "Lady Vagina self-test paper (patented product)." It is a gift card that tests the "before and after effects and processing positioning analysis for the health of the genitals."

Winner diba? I can't get over how you can successfully swipe your keps to test it pre-product use and post. Medyo bloody mary lang naman ang drama nitetch.

The only thing I think that's interesting from a brand POV is actually their tagline which reads "a healthy lady is more beautiful." Oo nga naman. There's something there.


daevyd said...

"Cunt"? Did they say cunt? You can't say cunt

orange.pixie said...

um, yes, they did. right smack on the packaging.

Anonymous said...

You do know the definition of "anion", riiight?

orange.pixie said...

um, so what's your point?

admin said...

Hehhe, I just got acquainted with this product this afternoon... China isn't exactly famous for their English... It's an interesting product but it's expensive AND it's networking AGAIN.

I dislike anything MLM.

Schola Luisa said...

A group of guys- not just guys, I mean 30+ something guys, came over to our school to promote this product. They did quite a good job- they eliminated more than half of the skeptic populace. Those who have used it commend it as well. I think, from all these, that a product cannot simply be judged from it's packaging- which is a better than other locally available brands.

Another thing. You mentioned that the person who showed this got it from one of her trips. If it's alright, could you ask her for me? I'm writing up something about this and it would really help. Thanks.

Contact info:

Once again, thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

i just tried this product...well, still trying...i just had my second pad. i usually change 4-5 times a day during my period, so far, i still have 1 on and it still looked clean...odorless


serenity said...

i'm just wondering how safe it is kc it's made in china di ba? i'm sure you heard about the issue before.

orange.pixie said...

well, we have been using products from China even before this whole brouhaha about unsafe things blew over...

i honestly have no idea about this one however. maybe google cases to find out?

stef said...

just yesterday after attending sunday mass, this pesky neighbor of ours offered me this new type of napkin. nakakinis sya. it's too expensive. like 25php per pad. with that 25 bucks i can buy 8 pads na. and if it's true na those readily available napkins are unsafe, dapat na pull-out na sila dati pa. and besides, hindi naman BFAD approved yang anion napkins na yan. and to think na they're made from china, i think it'll cause more harm.

orange.pixie said...

it probably got to the country illegally, hence no BFAD approval. it's still worth trying, right? and everything's made from China these days anyway. :-)

Anonymous said...

we can't judge a product if we know less about it. yes its not BFAD approved but internationally patented.if its patented it could have been through a lot, and besides its in the stock market since its "NASDAC" memeber, in the philippines its the phil stock exchange.nasdac is what can your ordinary napkin say about that? your ordinary napkin is BFAD approved that its safe. but its made of recycled materials which are bleached to look white.and its a fact.anion is made of polygel, another natural element so it makes the product safe.But anion not only is selling for what a pantyliner is used for but it has a green strip on the pad which actually has the anion technology or the all natural negative ions as what it is called. to explaine what negative ions are for, you can read some other website so you can realy say that its not just for I don't say that this product is unsafe or safe..but from what i heard from users, it help them a lot as health is concern. yes its quite expensive which is not usual from a chinese product.(like what some people think that chinese products are cheap because its not safe)... as a matter of fact, a japanese doctor discoverd and invented ionic products. not only on sanitary napkins but its also applided to shirts and other products.

Anonymous said...

i tried to use the product and i find it really amazing... i just had my period last week.. and for the first time... i did not experience dysmenorrhea(?sorry if i my spelling is wrong) and migraine... i also used a clean panty liner to refresh my face... and i noticed that black heads easily pops out.... my mother who is 63 year old, used a panty liner.. and she's have a whitish discharge... is it detoxification?... there was also one time when she had stomach upset... she placed the green strip on her tummy.. and in less than an hour.. she's OK...

Maricel said...

I started using the product 2nd half of July 2008. So far so good naman. I also put an anion tape in our drinking water.

Anonymous said...

i just had bought this product and so far so good, and i plan to market here in my place to my friends....

Anonymous said...

Dr Harriet Hall ( says this product is bogus. The "Love Moon" claims are also riddled with basic errors in science and medicine.

In short, it's a scam designed to part you from your money. Some of the comments here look like they are from promoters.

Welshdean said...

I try napkin it not work to good. I married lady and i try napkin. I put it on cunt and he still not washed my car!!!!

Does it work on any cunt or on lazy cunt only?

orange.pixie said...

well, welshdean, i think it's going to take more than a napkin to get your husband to wash your car.

Anonymous said...

well, i was operated twice due to a hereditary ovarian cyst and since then i never ceased in looking for a prevention if not for a cure of having ovarian cyst, until i found this anion pads and i tried it though my using is a short span of time yet. Still, i'm hoping for a better result.

Anonymous said...

just want to comment..i read in one of the post na di sya BFAD approved here is why...para malaman ang katotohanan regarding sa LOVE MOON na to..peke or hindi..

Тanya said...

Greetings! I from Kazakhstan. Already as 6 months we had this product in the market. All in delight. Some, could even забеременить after use of linings, and before had female diseases. I use анионовый the chip for herpes treatment on a lip, dries up for half-day. Still very well the chip helps for cold treatment. I do турунды in a nose and a pulling down everything is extended, to breathe begins easily. My 80-year-old grandmother too very much likes linings. It had cystitis and locks. Now all is remarkable. Thanks of company Winalite for this product. And concerning the price - of a lining at us is cheaper. The case costs 75$.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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safenhealthy said...

please show 2007, 2008, or 2009 scientific or medical evidence about the bad effects on health. i find the anion product helpful to those with health-related difficulties. the retail price is already a non-issue vs. the positive health impact. our doctors and health professionals should seriously conduct clinical experiments, too.

safenhealthy said...

please show 2007, 2008, or 2009 scientific or medical evidence about the bad effects on health. i find the anion product helpful to those with health-related difficulties. the retail price is already a non-issue vs. the positive health impact. our doctors and health professionals should seriously conduct clinical experiments, too.

buy wow gold said...

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Oscar Benson said...

Hi Orange Pixie
Thank you for the opportunity for expressing our opinions here on your site.
I am very much in favor of Ionics and have known of the positive effects for a long time. Nikkon is a very highly respected Japanese company that has done tons of research and has a greater than 20 year successful history of magnetics and Ionics. I decided that I would check out this company of Love Moon and have found them to be exceptional in integrity thus far and completely legal in China as well as other countries to date.
As to the product, I bought a huge supply for my wife and soon for her sisters and my daughter. I insist on the best healthy choices for my family. I hope other men too will become involved and choose as well.
Oscar Benson, China

oscar said...

Love Moon
I am happy to tell all you who may read that I am invested in and
working with LOVE MOON. This company provides an intirely new
approach to women's health. I am talking about feminine napkins.
I know this is a taboo for men to do. Please look over my boldness.
I would like each of you to look into this if you think women are an important
part of your life. My wife is very important to me and I want to protect
her every way I can. You can find information about this product and more
on which is the LOVE MOON international website.
Please note that you can look into the top right and find your home language
for most of the world. We are currently in some 12 plus countries and
territories. Please feel free to check out all you can about us. When you
have completed your search and are satisfied as to the quality that I know, then
please contact me at . I will help you get some for the
women in your life or for you ladies, or you may want to become a member and
help the world be a better place.
Thank you for your consideration in this.
Oscar Benson
Chongqing, China

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just laughed so hard I almost peed my pants! Obviously alot of these comments were left by people promoting their own business. It may or may not be a good product but I don't know who in the world would think to put one of these on their lip to treat herpes or on their tummy for a tummy ache or on their face to draw out blackheads. LOL!!!

I'm Asian too and I think this is too funny! Thank you for posting it. I needed that!

Anonymous said...

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