Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fastfood freak.

I'm a fan of fastfood in a disgustingly big way. I have no qualms checking into the nearest KFC, indulging in a 2-pc Chicken Joy meal from Jollibee, or going for a Quarter Pounder (with cheese, of course!) at McDonald's.

When I saw Super Size Me a few years ago, it made me more self-aware of the things I stuff in my mouth. I had to say baboosh to salty fries and double beef patties if I wanted to live healthier. I gave up ciggies too but decided to keep beer in my repertoire of beverages (I don't want to live that long).

Lately, work has gotten in the way of eating healthy. I look forward to 5pm trips to get a burger (yes, I want fries with that) and a soda because I know I'll be putting in an extra hour or three again. It might be just me, but I really think a Quarterpounder tastes much better when eaten late in the afternoon.

It wasn't long before the guilt got to me. I spent Monday running around Salcedo and Legazpi to sweat off the week's grease binge. It felt good to hit the pavement again and I swore off eating at fast food joints for a while. Unfortunately, my oral fixation went back and a ciggie was hanging by my lip end Friday. So much for eating healthy.


geeky planner said...

Grease is good! Nothing comforts like grease. You can feel guilty all you want but I'm sure you wouldn't refuse a double Whopper if I dangled it in front of you. Hehe.

orange.pixie said...

Um... :-)

I know other uses for grease. Haha.