Friday, January 12, 2007

Watch this space.

Twelve days in California meant a two-week hiatus from blogging. But vacations are a funny thing, in such a way that there's actually more time for thoughts to swirl in your head. This includes airport meanderings, global citizenship, uber-consumerism, advertising in America, a not-so-Joy Luck Club moment, and the joy of roller coasters.

Sifting through hundreds of photos and Post-it notes should take a while, so watch this space for updates. :-)


John Derick said...

hey cuz... it's derick your favorite cousin! hope u had a nice trip back. 'twas nice to have finally met u... you need to come back soon!!! i'm actually typing this via the wii i just got so it's taking a while =p

anyway... ingat at paalam!

orange.pixie said...

hey, he finally got the wii! fun isn't it? yeah, it been great seeing you guys again. do visit for a change.

and who said you're my favourite cousin? haha. see you around. :-)

John Adams said...

Hi Eileen,

Miki and I are glad that you had a great time here in Los Angeles!!!
We hope to have you back here soon. Zach and Schatzi says "Hello" and Zach is still looking for you!!

Take care


orange.pixie said...

You can always FedEx Zach to me. Hehe.

So is there a 'favourite cousin' war going on? Hehe. Don't worry, you both are my faves. ;-)