Monday, January 22, 2007


This one's for those who think sunrises rock as hard as sunsets.

One nippy, San Francisco morning.


John Adams Tan said...

Hi Eileen,

How are you? This is a great shot of the sunrise in San Francisco. Miki and I were glad that you had a chance to visit SF. The next time you visit us, we are going to Vegas.... We've already have it in our plan book. He He He. Oh... by the way.... Zach and Schatzi says Hi!!!

orange.pixie said...

Vegas it is! There might be a possibility that I'll be in the U.S. again mid-year for a project we're looking at in Taos, New Mexico.

Will keep you guys posted about that. And you better tell me when you're coming over. The beach awaits. ;-)

I miss Zach and Schatzi too. I think I was a pretty good sitter, yes? :-)

christine said...

Beautiful! And of my favorite city too.