Thursday, January 18, 2007

Solo Anonymity

Travelling alone has its perks, and one of it is being able to while your time away, like reading and having coffee without the pressures of having to go back at work right away.

I walked to the nearest Starbucks after letting the dogs go about their morning business. I was in a state of paranoia after Zach (an adorable Welsh Corgi) and Schatzi (a jittery, six-year old Dachshund) ate all the berries en route to their grassy toilet. (I found out later that night that the berries weren’t poisonous pala.

It’s funny how Starbucks has become a home away from home. Imagine wanting a bowl of tinola (an Ilocano soup-based dish made with chicken and wedges of green papaya and pepper leaves) in India because you’re looking for comfort food. Starbucks has become the only constant thing in any place you travel to.

With a grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte (when are we having this in Manila?) and Jon Steel’s new book (a must read!), I read four hours into the afternoon, forgetting about lunch and the laundry I wasn’t able to take out from the dryer.

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