Tuesday, December 19, 2006

To more than 10 years of (bus) friendship.

Our carpool began some 11 eleven years ago when I was just a college frosh. Having lived in the South (where water is limited and you have to pay for toll to get there), it was difficult to find people who went to the same school, much less, drove all the way to Katipunan to study.

Miko's settling in Chicago broke our trio with Nur. Now that he's back for a quick holiday visit (sans the ring, tsk, tsk), we decided to get everyone together for dinner. The last time he was here, Fort Bonifacio was still under development.

I was a bit embarrassed to have suggested for us to dine at Guava, a new restaurant at the 1st level of the Serendra Complex at the Fort Bonifacio. A friend mentioned that their concept was interesting - guava was the inspiration for most of the dishes served.

The service was horrible and the food was so-so. We ordered spiced itik (duck), binagoongan (pork stewed in shrimp paste), Pininoy foie gras (fake foie gras! shame! shame!), monggonisa (monggo soup with two pieces of longganisa, a kind of sausage), and the pritchon from the bar, 3 measly pieces for P185. Sigh. I'll go to Sentro any day. If this was their take on modern Pinoy cuisine, I am severely disappointed.

Not so hot about Guava. Buti na lang you're pretty.

Doing the touristy bit.

Waiting for the food. Waiting...

Yihee moment. Haha.



She's scarier if you put a fork in her other hand.

Bad food and service aside, Serendra was a good location for a long-overdue reunion of sorts. We weren't quite able to get everyone to come (including an ex-boyfriend), but the people who mattered were there to toast guava juice.

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