Saturday, December 23, 2006

A pondersome month and a few musings on independence.

An odd month deserves a lot of thought.

It’s been a financially challenging year for me, one that has brought in luck to get some personal dreams going and at the same time, opportunities that, when taken haphazardly, can be one of the worst mistakes you’ll ever commit.

The latter part of the year saw me almost making the jump to another advertising agency, one that has made built a reputation for creative awards. Another ahensiya approached me, hoping that my multi-discipline background and “fresh” perspective can help develop their strategic planning group.

My attempt to look for more freelance writing and photography jobs led me to a possible career in publishing – as associate publisher for the top magazine in the country. I had to bring my ego back to earth. Pursuing it would mean making me the most powerful female in my male-dominated planet (You want behind-the-scenes, before Photoshop photos, you say?).

I decided to stay where I am.

It’s been a year of honouring commitments and learning what real responsibility meant. I realised that real independence wasn’t just about doing whatever you wanted. If you’ve rid yourself of having to run to your folks every time you don’t have money to pay for rent or to pull you out of some dumb jam because you weren’t sober enough from a night of partying, then let’s talk.

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