Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Slogans, schmogans. The obsession with personalised advertising messages.

It's 830 in the evening and I'm still at work, responding to a regional enquiry on whether "my" should be appended to the brand name and to its slogan. A quick review of previous and existing communications materials did indeed show how my and your are haphazardly used to make things seem, well, more personal. Ugh. Like that would really help.

I found a blog article on what seems to be a trend in personalising advertising messages. Read it here. I also stumbled across another interesting entry from a blog on "names, brands, writing, and the quirks of the English Language" by Nancy Friedman. Her list of "generator" sites (which she also got from another blog) is just too funny. Especially this one on brand names.


David Wen said...

What's the Filipino advertising scene like?

orange.pixie said...

Where to begin... :-)

There's been a lot of changes happening in the industry, including a major shift towards non-traditional forms of advertising (e.g. digital). Ogilvy, BBDO-GO, and TBWA/SMP are some of the agencies working towards international recognition for the Philippines as a creative hotbed.

If you want to discuss, shoot me an email and your contact addy. ;-)