Friday, September 01, 2006

Shoot. Deer-in-headlights planner.

I spent the last day of August posing for a beauty brand in a small hotel in Makati. It's one of those low-budget things where the ad agency is always a good source of willing talents (salamat sa gift pack!).

My expectations of the "shoot" were actually quite low. In my head, it was going to be our art director (Mike "the tongue" Sicam) with the office camera and us hamming it up in the conference room with some beauty products.

Well, it wasn't pala. And smiling is such hard work (bastos jokes help a lot).

Byuti shyut. Mukhang mabango!

Hilamos shot.

Sabi ni direk, kunwari nag-tsitsismisan kayo

All photos by Erik Liongoren.

The man does wonderful work. I know his style to be more gritty and edgy. Whaddaya know.


Gilbz said...

Grrreeeeee!!!!.. kakagigil..
Nice lovely!. :-)

orange.pixie said...

haha! salamat. :-)