Thursday, July 27, 2006

Finally. Meeting people is easy.

If you have been rejected many times in your life, then one more rejection isn't going to make much difference. If you're rejected, don't automatically assume it's your fault. The other person may have several reasons for not doing what you are asking her to do: none of it may have anything to do with you. Perhaps the person is busy or not feeling well or genuinely not interested in spending time with you.

Rejections are part of everyday life.

Don't let them bother you.

Keep reaching out to others.

When you begin to receive positive responses then you are on the right track.

It's all a matter of numbers.

Count the positive responses and forget about the rejections.

Meeting people is easy. A film by grant gee about radiohead.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

His name is Dandy.

I'm so proud of this guy. Finally. His own solo show.

Check it out!

AJ is Dandy.

Hello My Name is: Dandy
(and other random memories by AJ Dimarucot)

"It stood there. A huge billboard with a picture of a white man in his underwear and the words "Dandy Briefs." It was the first time I set foot in Manila and it hit me. New city, new life, new name. So from then on, I had wanted to be called "Dandy". Not AJ, or Allen Jason, just Dandy--Dandy Dimarucot. That was my name. With innocent conviction I told my parents to start calling me Dandy and asked them to change the name on my birth certificate. They responded with laughter and a you'll-thank-us-in-the-future-for-not-changing your-name-to-Dandy kind of look. I was hurt and devastated. It was the saddest day of my life."

That was 18 years ago. So on my first solo show, I celebrate random memories like these from my 30 years of existence. Behind each piece is a little story. Some shallower than most, but hopefully inspiring anyone who views them to celebrate their own memories.

WHERE: PABLO -- Space 7 Marikina Shoe Expo Araneta Center Cubao, Q.C.