Saturday, July 08, 2006

His name is Dandy.

I'm so proud of this guy. Finally. His own solo show.

Check it out!

AJ is Dandy.

Hello My Name is: Dandy
(and other random memories by AJ Dimarucot)

"It stood there. A huge billboard with a picture of a white man in his underwear and the words "Dandy Briefs." It was the first time I set foot in Manila and it hit me. New city, new life, new name. So from then on, I had wanted to be called "Dandy". Not AJ, or Allen Jason, just Dandy--Dandy Dimarucot. That was my name. With innocent conviction I told my parents to start calling me Dandy and asked them to change the name on my birth certificate. They responded with laughter and a you'll-thank-us-in-the-future-for-not-changing your-name-to-Dandy kind of look. I was hurt and devastated. It was the saddest day of my life."

That was 18 years ago. So on my first solo show, I celebrate random memories like these from my 30 years of existence. Behind each piece is a little story. Some shallower than most, but hopefully inspiring anyone who views them to celebrate their own memories.

WHERE: PABLO -- Space 7 Marikina Shoe Expo Araneta Center Cubao, Q.C.

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