Friday, October 06, 2006

Book nerding. A respite.

I've been seeking refuge at bookstores lately. Like twice a week. At least. Re-discovering my inner-nerd is quite fulfilling. I remember devouring 2-3 books a week when I was much younger. Weekends were indulgent couch reads of two books a day. Of course, there were hardly any distractions back then. Except maybe video games at seven in the morning.

Recent purchases include Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders (Neil Gaiman) and Tales from Nowhere, an anthology of travel writings from Lonely Planet.

While it's not his best, Gaiman's third collection was more than enough to satisfy cravings for his work (I haven't read Anansi Boys but I enjoyed American Gods very much). It actually feels a bit masochistic of me to suck in all thirty-two stories and anticipate all the strange dreams I have every time I read any of his work. Notable stories include How to Talk to Girls at Parties and A Study in Emerald.

I've only started reading this one, but the premise to this new anthology from Lonely Planet is an interesting one. It focuses on adventures that suddenly bring you to "nowhere." Apparently, nowhere is not the same as getting lost, but more like a state of being - accidental discoveries that make travel more special. Makes for pretty good beach or airplane reading.

We're scheduling an early exploration of Fully Booked at the SM Mall of Asia soon, which is where their biggest branch there is (the horde of mall rats can be overwhelming, I heard). Hope my wallet holds out.

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