Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Color me fiesta.

Because your Pantone colour apparently says a lot about you. Check out Color Therapy for some 'colourstrology.'

Here's what mine said.

Adorable. Loving. Forceful.

You have a strong and loving nature and learning is very important to you. You are not afraid to work long and hard to become an expert in your field of choice. You have an innate love of life and people find you endearing. Individuals born on this day have a great combination of creativity, compassion, and organisational ability. Your personal colour connects with your true feelings. Wearing, meditating, or surrounding yourself with Fiesta brings out the leader and humanitarian side of your nature.


Gilbz said...

Ang galing! ito sa akin March 26
Are awonderful friend and ally and anyone can benefit from having you in thier life. You are extremely resourceful and know how to take the lead and get the job done. are honest and profound.

Parang totoo ito... ;-)

orange.pixie said...

oo nga. totoo talaga! anong pantone ka? :-)