Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dead rabbits are not premium items!

I received an email from a friend of mine (thanks, Kagey) about an ongoing promo the Power Plant Mall has for Easter. The banner they have along EDSA shows an illustration of a bunny and the caption "Take Me Home?" (Watch this space for that photo). It didn't occur to me that they would actually give away live rabbits to children. That is just too cruel and inhuman. Very young kids tend to manhandle pets because they're not ready to be exposed to them yet. As Kage put it, "it is a death sentence to the poor animal. Children tend to squeeze rabbits to show affection, and handling the rabbits that way tend to traumatize the animal and may even "bite" the child."

I think it's so irresponsible for the mall owners to give away animals like they were candy. I remember being infuriated with a franchise called Petty Pets. Small animals like chicks, fish and hamsters were offered as party favours. Some smart ass probably thought it made for a great business venture. I mean, they're just dumb animals, right? Kung sabagay, mabilis naman dumami yung mga rabbits. Tapos marami namang iniitlog yung manok. Honestly, if I do get to meet this murderer, I'd give him a piece of mind (plus the kitchen sink).

If you do want to save rabbits this Easter, do write:

Christie Garcia
Marketing Manager
Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center
FAX: (63) 2 898.3351

Please send in your messages before Wednesday. I've already sent mine. If you're too lazy to write anything up, just cut and paste the text below:

dead rabbits are not premium items!

giving away rabbits to children who will surely exhaust them to death is cruel and inhuman.

please do not sentence them to a slow, painful end. it’s just the wrong thing to do. especially on Easter.


j ig said...

parang nabasa ko to sa inq7, at syempre kasama si james cromwell [link]

orange.pixie said...

basta, next year, i'm going to make sure that something as insensitive like this will NOT happen. malls just want to make money. kebs ba nila kung ilan dun sa pinamigay nilang rabbits yung mamatay?