Thursday, March 27, 2008


We just adopted my cousin's mum-in-law's four month old puppy. J, who is visiting Singapore with his wife knew how much of a sucker I was for mutts. The puppy had no where to go - he'll be either put up for adoption at SPCA or sent off to Indonesia with the wife's brother, who travels quite a lot for work.

It was a long drive from our place to the East Coast. I remember bringing along a towel, still uncertain whether we were going to go home with him that night. But the moment we saw him, we knew that he belonged with us.

We went home feeling good that night. G and I hardly spoke, just smiling and peeking into the towel we ended us using after all. The warm bundle sat on my lap, curiously sniffing me. He seemed at ease.

The house will be a little more messy, tinged doggy smells and some chewed up shoes. And perhaps 10x happier.