Sunday, January 28, 2007


Whenever I can, I bring my Canon EOS 350D everywhere. It's the most well-travelled companion I have, maybe next to a pair of worn-out Havaianas. I have been known to be oblivious (more than the usual, I guess) when I have a camera with me. Like that time I almost got run over because I was too busy studying and art directing a street sign. Uh-huh.

Such a funny bottle of wine.

This way to S.F.

Overstaying guests?

View from the (slightly cramped) passenger's seat.

View from the top.

Monday, January 22, 2007


This one's for those who think sunrises rock as hard as sunsets.

One nippy, San Francisco morning.

Friday, January 19, 2007

The King still rocks.

Even at 81, the man can still bring the house down. I was lucky to catch the one-night only show at the Kodak Theatre.

Paying homage to the great Mr. King

I was there! Still giddy even after.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Solo Anonymity

Travelling alone has its perks, and one of it is being able to while your time away, like reading and having coffee without the pressures of having to go back at work right away.

I walked to the nearest Starbucks after letting the dogs go about their morning business. I was in a state of paranoia after Zach (an adorable Welsh Corgi) and Schatzi (a jittery, six-year old Dachshund) ate all the berries en route to their grassy toilet. (I found out later that night that the berries weren’t poisonous pala.

It’s funny how Starbucks has become a home away from home. Imagine wanting a bowl of tinola (an Ilocano soup-based dish made with chicken and wedges of green papaya and pepper leaves) in India because you’re looking for comfort food. Starbucks has become the only constant thing in any place you travel to.

With a grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte (when are we having this in Manila?) and Jon Steel’s new book (a must read!), I read four hours into the afternoon, forgetting about lunch and the laundry I wasn’t able to take out from the dryer.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The view from above.

I'm not a big fan of window seats. I'd rather sit near the aisle where it's more convenient to go to the loo when you have to. But because my travel agent forgot to reserve my seats (again!), there's nothing else you can do but to enjoy the show.

Mula 'Pinas hanggang Amerika.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Airport Nomad

Airports can be such cold, inhospitable places.

Before you even get to your destination, you’ve been frisked, scanned, undressed, and tagged. I wonder if airport personnel realise how much difference a smile could make to weary global trotters. Immigration officers are the most sungit of the bunch but if they’ll continue to ask me “Are you here to study?” every time I enter their country, all’s forgiven.

I haven’t travelled much to be considered a jetsetter but I have been to more than a few airports around the world. I love Changi (Singapore) the most. It’s my default gateway to almost everywhere (because I often fly SQ) and it offers pretty much all the creature comforts I crave when I’m away from home – like free Internet access, a transit hotel (book two weeks ahead!), Watsons (suki for toiletries I thought I still have but used up na pala from a previous trip), clean toilets, and Fuzion for refreshing pick-me-uppers. Believe me, you’ll think this is heaven-sent when you’re waiting for a connecting flight at four in the morning. Shopping is also quite good, especially for last-minute pasalubong that looks like it didn’t come from a Duty Free (read: afterthought).

Another solo passenger.

I started writing this entry while waiting for my flight to Los Angeles. I didn’t realise how a ten-hour wait could feel this painstakingly long. Despite all the amenities available to me, it didn’t take away the restlessness of having to deal with a limited iPod battery, a book I’ve finished on the plane, and not having a comfortable and warm-enough place to nap without someone waking me up.

To Terminals 1 and 2...

and back.

The airport security guards were already eyeing me warily as I made my way to Terminals 1 and 2 and back and again. It was a futile attempt at keeping warm and I gave up an hour later. I found a spot near a few kababayans where hearing them speak in Tagalog relaxed me instantly.

So much for creature comforts.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Watch this space.

Twelve days in California meant a two-week hiatus from blogging. But vacations are a funny thing, in such a way that there's actually more time for thoughts to swirl in your head. This includes airport meanderings, global citizenship, uber-consumerism, advertising in America, a not-so-Joy Luck Club moment, and the joy of roller coasters.

Sifting through hundreds of photos and Post-it notes should take a while, so watch this space for updates. :-)